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16 Mars - Nouvelle collection — La peinture par numéros

Tableau BUDDHA

Buddha Abstract Painting
from 19,90€ EUR 79,90€ EUR
Modern Buddha Painting
from 6,90€ EUR
Table Buddha 3 Magic Parts
from 29,90€ EUR 239,90€ EUR
Goldies Buddha Painting
from 29,90€ EUR
Red Buddha painting
from 28,90€ EUR
Black and White Buddha Painting Buddha Tree
from 19,90€ EUR 219,90€ EUR
Yoga Buddha Table
from 12,90€ EUR
Table Buddha 3 Parts
from 23,90€ EUR
Table Buddha Zen
from 19,90€ EUR 74,90€ EUR
Black and white Buddha table
from 10,90€ EUR 37,00€ EUR
Table Buddha 5 Parties Meditation
from 11,90€ EUR 177,90€ EUR
Tableau Bouddha Krishna Moderne
from 29,90€ EUR 49,90€ EUR
Spirit Buddha Painting
from 37,90€ EUR
Table Buddha 3 Panels Wood
from 16,90€ EUR
Buddha Leaves Painting
from 11,90€ EUR
Painting Buddha Landscape
from 19,90€ EUR 219,90€ EUR
Buddha 3 Parts Gold Table
from 29,90€ EUR
Buddha Painting 5 Parts The Buddha Island
from 13,90€ EUR 159,00€ EUR
Painting Buddha White
from 49,90€ EUR 74,00€ EUR
Table Buddha Statue
from 19,90€ EUR 159,90€ EUR
Table Buddha 4 Parts of 3 Buddha
from 39,90€ EUR 59,90€ EUR
Painting Buddha Multi Color
from 39,90€ EUR
Blue buddha
from 18,90€ EUR 232,56€ EUR
Painting Buddha Stone Light
from 11,90€ EUR
Illusion Buddha Painting
from 16,90€ EUR
BackLight Buddha Painting
from 11,90€ EUR
Buddha Spirit Zen table
from 25,90€ EUR
Large Format Fenshui Buddha Painting
111,90€ EUR 159,90€ EUR
Gold Yellow Buddha Painting
from 29,90€ EUR
Buddha Gold Table
from 29,90€ EUR
Painting Buddha Mist
from 29,90€ EUR
Picture Buddha 3 Parts Zen
from 29,90€ EUR
Table Buddha Wood Effect Zen & Spa
from 15,90€ EUR 65,90€ EUR
Red Buddha Table
from 19,90€ EUR
Table Buddha The 2 Faces
from 19,90€ EUR
Painting Buddha Candle
from 24,90€ EUR

The Buddha Table serenity in you!

Our team offers a selection of Buddha-themed canvases designed to fill your interior with zenitude. Get away from the mind that Buddha paintings are intended only for followers of Buddhism. Once you have examined our pictorial works, you will know that they have a place in your interior.

Indeed, with its virtuosity, our team declines the Buddha theme in an original approach thus reinventing an ancestral figure in a revolutionary design that makes it an indispensable piece in your interior.

Whatever fantasy you dream of, coloured for an energetic or natural decoration for a Zen atmosphere, the plethora of printed canvases from our Buddha section will allow you to give your home the look you love.

For the more demanding, many of our pictorial works are available in many sizes, allowing you to match them to the size of your walls or the brightness of your interior.

Thirst for tranquillity, positive waves? Want to hear the rain or breathe orchids?

We offer you well-being with our elegant, graceful and tranquil creations on multi-format canvases that will inevitably sit inside your home. They will breathe a wind of tranquillity and nature into your city-dweller wall decoration!

Dare to bring in sweetness and serenity with a Buddha painting that soothes your interior.

Let yourself be carried away by the scent of flowers that nature offers us. Find the benefits of calm, beauty and harmony.