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16 Mars - Nouvelle collection — La peinture par numéros


Kitchen color 1001
from 14,90€ EUR
Natural Kitchen Table
from 14,90€ EUR
Table Cuisine Spices Vegetables
from 12,90€ EUR 39,42€ EUR
Table Cuisine Le Bon Vin
from 29,90€ EUR
Vintage Kitchen Painting Le Vrai Café
from 20,90€ EUR 131,62€ EUR
Canvas Cuisine Vintage Fruits
from 20,90€ EUR 75,90€ EUR
Kitchen Canvas The Good Things
from 24,90€ EUR 58,14€ EUR
Cherries Kitchen Painting
from 19,90€ EUR 65,90€ EUR
Table Cuisine La Bière
from 26,90€ EUR
Toile Cuisine Moderne 5 rooms
from 17,90€ EUR 35,90€ EUR
Table Cuisine Le Café La Tasse Les Grains
from 19,90€ EUR 141,94€ EUR
French Cuisine Table
from 24,90€ EUR 119,00€ EUR

You'll love your Kitchen Table!

In this section, our interior design experts have been selected, for you, dynamic kitchen paintings for lovers of gastronomy.Your mind the belief that the paintings on the kitchen represent only tasteless dishes.When your eyes cross our paintings, you will be captivated by their beauty.

In fact, our graphic art specialists have chosen works that approach the theme of cuisine from a new perspective.Each painting was literally on stage with a dynamic and inspiring cuisine.

Whether you want refreshing paintings, full of peps and colors, or you want more inspiring canvases and more, the selection of our team will offer you the picture of your dreams.

The most demanding have the option to choose between horizontal triptychs and vertical triptychs.This make it easier to align the organization of the canvases according to the dimensions of your room.

The kitchen paintings: a concentrate of good humor and scents

Want to smell freshly roasted coffee, to be intoxicated by spices?To see the vermeille dress of the wine or to feel the freshness of the lemon in the ice?

Our collection sharpens your senses with these colorful and realistic creations on large canvases that are naturally placed in your interior.They correspond to the beauty and well-being in your wall decoration.

Give in to the awakening of your senses with akitchen table which brings you back to the authenticity of simple things.