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Fax and delivery


We often receive questions from visitors. The following is the most common list:

Page: 1 My article hasn't arrived yet. Is that normal?

Delivery takes about 10 to 20 days.
If you are not patient, your article is on the way.

Page: 1 I'd like to cancel the order, may I?

Yes, you have a 24-hour order. Just send an email and we will cancel the order and pay 100% of the fee.

Page: 1 My order is missing. Where is it?

We have a large number of suppliers, and when you order, each supplier is responsible for a specific product. If you order five different items, you will receive five different packages that will arrive at different times ("some are faster, some are slower.") If you order the same product three times, they will all be in the same package.

Five How do I know if my order is being delivered?

Click the trace commands tab and enter the command number and e-mail address that you provided with the command. You will see whether the order status is in processing mode or not.

Six Are you sending it abroad?

Of course, with the exception of Iran, we can ship goods around the world.

Page: 1 Can I get a refund if my article is damaged?

Of course, if your article is broken, send it back and he will give you a refund.

Page: 1 I made a mistake about the size of an article. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, it's impossible, so be careful before ordering.

Page: 1 I'm not satisfied with my order. Can I have a refund?

If you just contact us, we can give you the program You have 15 days to receive the goods As long as you return this article to us, we can repay it 100%. The expulsion fee will be borne by you

Ten How to contact you?

e-mail(% contact information

Page: 1 Can I call you?

For the sake of speed, we don't answer the phone. It takes a few seconds or minutes to process mail, while a phone call takes on average a few minutes. In order to avoid the cost and give you the lowest price, we only reply by email. Remember, we don't ignore anyone, and we'll respond quickly. If you have doubts, do the test.

Twelve Can I believe you?

Of course, we accept payments through visa, master card and PayPal, and these world leaders will never let us continue to operate our stores if our customer base is high. Our online stores are under constant scrutiny.

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be careful

We ask you not to receive a damaged package followed (colis with visible traces of opening and/or deterioration): it is imperative to refuse it. Indeed, the parcels leaving the workshop are always impeccable, and must be delivered to you in this condition. If a damaged package has been deposited in your mailbox or your custodian has received it, the package is considered "accepted as it is." If no reservations have been made, we will not be able to take into account any disappearances or to make compensation.